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It was late at night and before going to bed I began to look at our collective travel pictures.  We have been to alot of places but none that we enjoyed more than our time in Turkey, your wonderful country, and our time with you.  Again, it came back to me not only how much we enjoyed you but also how very much we learned from you.  We were on a trip to Italy, later, and they began to talk about early Christian art.  The group got stuck and I held up my had with the correct answer and was then told " Oh yea, thats right. Where did you learn that?"  I then explained that I had been taught by a true student of the art--our Turkish guide named Mehmet.  They were very impressed.
Ann and Amy are in Paris with Amy's mother and a nephew.  Linda and I are holding down the fort in Chicago.  We are going forward with our plans to retire to North Carolina in the next year.  Any plans to come to the states?
Best regards
Skip, Linda, and writing on their behalf--Ann and Amy


The Blue Mosque

The Haghia Sophia Museum

The Underground Cistern

The Turkish & Islamic Arts Museum

The Grand Bazaar

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