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We have traveled a lot and no where have we experienced any as good as you. So be proud and know that your philosophies and attitudes are recognized and appreciated.

Ken and Jane Parker
San Diego, USA

Argeus Travel : A travel agency based in Cappadocia, Argeus carved an excellent name for itself in tours of Cappadocia, and has extended its reach throughout the country. Argeus can book rooms, make travel arrangements, and even provide guides if you wish.


Urgup has far too many travel agencies which are competing for too little business. Most are clustered around the otogar and several are staffed by seriously unpleasant young men. Argeus Tours can help with bicycling, walking and riding holidays as well as with day tours, airport transfer and flights.



General/ Local conditions
When travelling abroad, you must accept that things will be different than home. Safety standards and regulations conform to local regulations and could be less or even more stringent than those you enjoy at home. The monitoring and enforcement of such regulations is a matter for the authorities of that country and the local suppliers of the services concerned. Cots supplied abroad comply with local safety standards, but it remains your responsibility to check that they meet your infants' requirements. Life has to go on while you are on holiday. Building or road works may be on progress in the vicinity. Hotels need constant maintenance and may need refurbishment from time to time. This could occur without any warning to tour operators, although the hotel management will always try to ensure that such work is carried out with the minimum inconvenience. We will always try to let you know in advance if we have been notified. Seasoned travellers accept that traffic and other sounds are part of everyday life, particularly in cities. Even in the countryside, work starts early on the farms and the rooster crow at antisocial hours. And in Turkey, the Islamic call to prayers is an inseparable part of the culture.

Unused services
Please note that refunds are not available for services provided but not utilised.

Special requests
Special requests regarding accommodation, car rental, seats or any other aspect of your holiday should be made at the time of booking and will be passed by us to the relevant management. Such requests will be noted on your folder, but confirmation cannot be guaranteed. Even when a supplier advises that a request has been accepted, we cannot accept liability for any subsequent failure on their part to comply with such requests. For this reason we regret that we do not accept conditional booking.

Passports and visas
The Turkish government is levying visa charge payable on arrival in Turkey. All nationalities should inquire direct to Turkish Consulates, or to Argeus Travel.
Please note : It is your responsibility to have a valid passport and appropriate visa for your holiday.

Religious holidays
Public holidays and religious festivals may affect the availability of resorts and hotel facilities and you may well find a lot of activity with beaches, restaurants, ancient sites, etc. becoming very busy. We can provide details and dates of these events.

No vaccinations are obligatory. Please check with your doctor if you are concerned.

Voltage is 220 Volts A.C. Please bring a 2-pin continental adaptor for electric razors and hair dryers if you come from the overseas countries or any other country if necessary.

Holiday Insurance
In your interest you should be adequately insured before travelling. All clients are responsible for arranging this themselves before arriving at Turkey.


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